Why is dairy scary?  Many of us do not think any animals are being harmed in the production of dairy.  This is not true.  Some activists even state that they believe the industry is worse than the production of meat.

The Australian dairy industry is one the largest and most profitable animal agriculture industries in the country.  The industry is valued around $4 billion and employs over 100, 000 Australians.  According the legendairy.com.au , Ausralia is constantly improving and innovating the standards regarding the treatment of dairy cows as well as taking into account the environmental factors.  In the past we have mentioned that the dairy industry is one the largest contributors to water wastage, therefore we think it is a great step that farmers are focusing of the ‘efficient use of water’.

Although it is great to see the industry continuously improving, this issue really comes down to our core statement.  Why is dairy scary? What most people are unaware of is that the dairy industry like the chicken industry (see blog post: How ‘free’ are free-range eggs?https://misteaken.wordpress.com/portfolio/how-free-are-free-range-hens/) has no use of male calves.  Males calves are expensive to raise therefore in any industry motivated by profit, these calves are sent to slaughterhouses within their first week of birth hence where veal comes from.  Like any other species, mothers have strong attachments to their offspring.   The video below documents just a tiny segment of a dairy cows life and is an incredibly eye-opener.

Many major Australian dairy corporations such as Murray Goulburn have come under attack for reducing the price of milk.  While this is a win for consumers, for dairy farmers it is a loss of income and potential jobs.  This price decrease resulted in a lot of more cows being sold off to slaughterhouses.  In an industry that barely respects it’s employers, how can we expect them to respect these animals?

There are so many alternative sources to dairy and calcium that are equally as tasty and a lot healthier.  Animals Australia has compiled a list of alternatives and most of them can be found at your local supermarket or health food stores. Check it out!  http://www.animalsaustralia.org/features/dairy-free-shopping-list.php



*portfolio image courtesy of ABC News 


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