Vegan Eats Pt1

Welcome  back to miSTEAKen and to Part 1 of a short ‘segment’ I will be blogging about called “Vegan Eats”  Here I aim to abolish the stereotypes that vegans only eat salad, because you know what – vegan donuts (s/o to Doughnut Time) are the best thing to ever happen.

Despite all the memes circulating the internet saying that vegans eat grass, today’s blog post will be one of many future posts to clarify that no, we do not eat grass.  In fact, I know a lot of vegans that refuse to eat salad.  I’m not going to lie though, when I first saw the meme pictured below I had a good laugh.


The featured image of this blog post depicts a typical breakfast for me.  The smoothie bowl trend started a few years ago popularised by social media and as the name suggests, involves drinking/eating a smoothie out of a bowl.  Before going vegan, I use to absolutely despite bananas because I thought of them as juiceless fruits with a weird taste and texture however upon discovering smoothie bowls, my love for banana has reached a whole new level 😂  Bananas will be the crux of any smoothie bowl recipe you encounter! (Feel free to link me some smoothie bowl recipes that don’t involve bananas, I’m always keen to try new things).

My typical smoothie bowl consists of:

1-3 frozen bananas

Handful of frozen berries 

2-3 Medjool dates (optional) 

1 cup of coconut water or plant based milk of your choice 

Not only is this breakfast so delicious (especially on these warmer spring days), it is incredibly nutritious, filling, and easy to make! Side note though, it is incredibly handy to have a powerful blender by your side since you’re dealing with mostly frozen foods.  If you however do not own a strong blender, normal smoothies are equally as nutritious and tasty! Give them a go and I’d love to see your creations!




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