#NOTyourbacon 🙅

In Australia, we have numerous laws to ensure that animals are not subject to any form of cruelty however why do these laws not apply to all animals?

Australian Pork (Australia’s leading pork supplier) maintains a Code Of Practice in which they reassure us that employees undergo substantial training before they are allowed to handle pigs, and that these pigs are treated ‘efficiently’.  They even include a video (note the chirpy background music) giving us a little tour of one pig farm (See below) but how much of this can we believe?

Let’s contrast this with a secret investigation Animal Australia undertook in 2010, which further led to a 60 minutes report on the nature of pig farming in Australia.

As shown above, these pregnant sows are kept in abhorrent conditions.  The metal and concrete stalls are barely large enough for them, allowing only minimal movement and yet somehow this treatment all falls under Australian law.  Despite the Code of Practices stating treatment to these animals must be ‘efficient’, this Code likewise protects any employee from mistreatment.  As someone who only ever thought these kind of things occurred in different countries, to find out this was happening to local produce made me say no. We are so driven by consumerism that farms can afford to keep these sows in better conditions, but is it profitable? Probably not.  Most sows don’t even make it two years in these farms and over two thirds of them are often ‘replaced’ every year.

Let’s not forget about piglets.  Very soon after birth, they must undergo surgical procedures in which their tails are cut off and they are castrated.  This is all done with any sort of anaesthesia subjecting them to excruciating pain.  Pigs are equally as playful and intelligent as dogs, but our need to eat pork and bacon blinds us to that fact.

I encourage you in the next few days/weeks to try leaving meat off our plate maybe once or twice a week.  We’d love to hear your experience or any questions you have so just leave a comment down below 😀

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