The environmental cost of animal farming

Many of us eat meat and dairy without the knowledge of how our diet is one of the largest causes of global warming.  We have encouraged to take public transport, reduce our use of cars however have we ever been told to eat less meat?  In today’s blog post, we aim to raise awareness of some of the impacts animal farming has on our environment.

Did you know, over 40% of the Earth’s land is used for the purposes of feeding its 7 billion humans?  In Australia alone, 60% of the country’s land has been destroyed and cleared in order to allow animals to graze.  The number of wildlife species in Australia is rapidly declining at a rate higher than most countries with again, the land cleared for animal farming being the main cause.  This is crazy and incomprehensible especially for a country like Australia that prides itself for the diversity and flora and fauna which attracts millions of tourists each year!

One pressing issue concerning everyone is world hunger.  Little do we know, this issue could potentially be achieved a lot quicker and easier if people were willing to make a small dietary sacrifice.  In Australia we grow enough grain, in fact we grow double the amount of grain that each person in the world really needs.  Instead of this grain going towards feeding the thousands of starving children across the world, it instead goes towards the cows, pigs and chickens.

Some other random facts about animal farming:

  • A single hectare of land can produce 78 times more food in the form of vegetables than in the form of beef
  • It takes approximately 2500 litres of water to produce 1 hamburger – this is almost 2 months of showering!
  • 13% of greenhouse emissions come from transportation whereas 51% comes from animal agriculture
  • Waste from 2500 dairy cows is equivalent to that of 411 000 people
  • 7 billion humans consume approximately 20 billion litres of water, cows consume almost 10 times that amount


If you are interested in learning more, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a great documentary to check out.  It explores this issue in much more depth and just remember that the Earth is here to be taken care of so we should #eatfortheplanet!

See you guys next time 😀



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