Vegan Eats Pt 2.

Second up on our series “Vegan Eats” is one of our favourite cafes in Bondi. Ā Speedos Cafe is located right near Bondi Beach and apart from the wicked view, their food is a fierceĀ competitor.

Offering both vegan and non-vegan options, it’s a great choice for those who are reluctant to try out vegan only places or even those who are keen to try vegan food! A personal favourite has to be their vegan burger and undoubtedly, has to be one of our favourite burgers in Sydney. Ā Give it to a non-vegan and they would love it just as much! Ā What makes this burger especially delicious is the falafel patty Speedos Cafe use. Ā Falafels are an amazing source of protein, and are incredibly healthy making this somewhat of a healthy burger! Don’t feel like a burger? Do not fret because Speedos also offer an equally as delicious Falafel Salad!

Other recommendations include the Chia PotĀ and the Pitaya Bowl. Ā Again, these are incredibly health and not to mention, so ‘insta-worthy’.



So if you are ever near Bondi Beach and in the need for an amazing meal and experience, head down to Speedos Cafe for some great food with a great view!


Front image courtsey of @the_peachy_pear


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