WATERing down the cause 💧

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In our previous blog posts, we have briefly touched upon the significant amount of water that is consumed as a process of factory farming.  Today we will explore this topic in further detail and try put things in perspective for you.

Early last year, California was declared to be in a state of drought with the Californian Governor encouraging people to conserve water by declaring a mandatory 25% reduction in water consumption per household.  While this may be one solution in combating a crisis, it overlooks one of the largest consumers of water – factory farming.  This is not only the case for the United States but holds true to many other countries in Australia.

In the US, factory farming accounts for over 80% of water usage.  One of the highest water consuming crops alfalfa is necessary as it feeds the farm animals only contributing further to the water consumption by factory farms.  What is interesting however is that a majority of water consumption does not go towards feeding or hydrating farm animals.  It instead is used for the cleaning and processing of animals during slaughter which then results in water pollution.  Not only are we unnecessarily killing animals for food, but we are likewise wasting water that could be put to better use in the process.

If you are interested in further reading, we have linked an article below that explains it perfectly.  One Green Planet are also an incredibly website with all sorts of articles explaining the ways the animal agriculture industry contributes to environmental degradation.

These 10 Shocking Facts On Factory Farms and Water Pollution Will Make You Rethink That Burger


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