Hello and welcome to miSTEAKen!  As you may be able to tell from the title, here our goal at miSTEAKen is raise awareness towards the environmental and ethical issues associated with factory farmers.  We are often unaware or ‘mistaken’ about what goes on in animal farms therefore our main objective is to deliver some eye-opening content.

Firstly, let’s start with my vegan story! My name is Rachel, and I would say I’m still a fairly new vegan (11 months) but becoming vegan really did turn my life around.  I had never really been interested in veganism, nor did I know anyone that was vegan.  There was however a period in my life where I tried to eat vegetarian, but because there was no motive behind it, I was easily tempted and it didn’t last long (I use to lovee chicken).  Before October of 2015, I remember thinking to myself ‘how can something affect someone’s life so much that it was life-changing?’  This was of course before I watched Earthlings which honestly changed my entire perception on life.  What really struck me about that documentary aside from the horrific footage, was Joaquin Phoenix (the narrator) talking about the hypocrisy of human kind.  We know that animals are being slaughtered, but we don’t really want to confront it or accept because we enjoy eating them too much.   Seeing the brutal and horrible nature of the animal industry, I knew I couldn’t support it anymore and told myself that if I ever went back to eating meat and dairy, I would be the biggest hypocrite of all.

While ethics was the primary reason why I chose to go vegan, my health was the other reason in which I stayed vegan.  Two speeches I watched – ‘The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear’ and “101 Reasons to go Vegan”, highlighted how consuming dairy products as humans did not make sense. ‘The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear’ was honestly one of the most eye opening speeches I have ever heard.  Everything that was said made sense, and it made me question why we never think about the things he discussed.  Both these speeches are on Youtube, so check them out if you’re curious!

This lifestyle has introduced me to a community of some of the nicest and most supportive people I have ever met despite stereotypes.  In the end, even though we are a minority, we are slowly changing the world and I really do believe veganism is the future. One by one people will slowly begin the make the connection between food and animals.

Thank you for reading and of course if you wanna keep up with everything, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and give us a follow on Twitter (links below)!



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